CykoTech DJ Mixes

CykoTech is a series of DJ mixes focusing on acid infused techno from a modest analog collection spanning 2 decades.   Title-Artist/ information and download links are provided for each episode below.

CykoTech – techno with a dash of acid & a hard finish

Dig Deep – Willy The Pimp/untitled – La Liga/Mundo – Dakota/Liquid – Davido/Hype – D’ Wachman & HD Substance/America – Kobbe & DJ Nitro/auf die fresse! (Remix) – WARMDUSCHER 1/Obsession (Remix) – Tiesto & Junkie XL/Hot Music – Lost in Case/Here’s Johnny – Deepack/Spaced Out – DJ Choci

Download Here

CykoTech2 – digging deeper into the techno record crates

“da…” – Michael Nova/Geno Sequence (remix) – Medway/Scaler – James Harcourt/Substance – Tarrentella/Safe – David Forbes/Liquid Groove 1 – Liquid Art/Collide – Invidious/Repeat – Killian’s

Download Here

CykoTech3 – techno, acid, boom

Chicc! – Nostrum/Down On Earth – ManMadeMan/Beyond – The Subjects vs Jeff Mills/DISCO BISKITZ – DISCO BISKITZ/- the second trip – Hennes & Cold/kreissäge typ a – Kenji Ogura f. Melanie Di Tria/Acid Phase – Frost/Soul Suckin’ Audio Pancake – Contortions

Download Here

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